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Learn how to keep yourself and those you love safe, healthy and happy at home with the most comprehensive library of caregiving lessons designed for family caregivers.

CaringBoost offers online caregiving lessons from medical professionals, so family caregivers can access expert advice from the comfort of home.

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31 caregiver lessons

on topics that matter most when caring for someone in the home

5 sections per lesson

so you can go at your own pace and navigate to the topics most relevant to your situation

88 videos

showing you exactly what and how to do medical tasks safely on your own

Caregiving in the U.S.

  • The number of Americans providing unpaid care has increased over the last five years
  • More than 1 in 5 Americans are caregivers (53 million)
  • Caregivers of adults find themselves providing care for 4.5 years on average, with 29% 5 years or longer
  • 36% of caregivers consider their caregiving situation to be highly stressful

Source: AARP and National Alliance for Caregiving, 2020 Report

23.7 Hours Providing Care

Ever wonder how to do some of the tasks you face while caring for a loved one at home? 

CaringBoost is like having a caring, trusted nurse by your side walking you through the topics that can matter so much to the health and well-being of your loved one and your peace of mind.  

Huge Array of Topics

From everyday care to post-surgery to administering medicines, and more.

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On-Demand Access

Unlimited access to lessons anytime, anywhere, from any connected device.

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Expert Guidance 

Professional medical training and tips for the non-professional family caregiver.

"Before CaringBoost I would spend hours trying to find the right information. Everything else was too general or full of medical jargon. CaringBoost makes it easy so I know I'm doing it right."

- Jane M | caring for sister 

"There is so much didn't know going into this. (Some of it I wish I never had to know.) But it really helps to know I have CaringBoost lessons when I need them. It's like having a nurse in my pocket to walk me through each step."

- Mel M | caring for husband

"We were spending a small fortune paying aides to do basic medical tasks for my dad. With CaringBoost I learned how to do them myself and I can refer back to the videos or checklists anytime for a refresher."

- Jeff C | caring for father

Boost Your Care with expert caregiving lessons 

The easy-to-follow lessons, covering dozens of everyday and medical tasks you may face, walk you through each step of what you need to know, what to do exactly and how to do it. You and your loved one deserve the best!

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 Get 24/7/365 access to engaging online lessons from medical experts.  

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  • 30+ in-depth care lessons featuring nearly 100 expert videos
  • Practical step-by-step explanations, illustrations, downloadable guides and instructions
  • Lasting peace of mind that’s always there – accessible on your computer or smartphone!  

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The CaringBoost lesson gallery is a powerful way to give families consistent quality education on key care topics. The simplicity of the videos and the clear instructions written in plain language make it so anyone can follow easily.

I especially like using it to show proper technique to the new caregivers I hire in, which helps me reduce the notes I need to leave for them and create consistency in instructions.

— Susie Morrell, 2019 Family Caregiver of the Year Award Winner